Social Bluebook COO Sam Michie and Creator Coach Tiffany Day stand in front of a blue and purple backdrop.

Social Bluebook and Full Sail DC3 Teach the Business of Content Creation

Published Sep 20, 2023

Content creation education platform Social Bluebook teaches students the ins and outs of the industry in this six-week online course.

New content creators or established creators who’d like to grow their brand can learn from the pros with The Business of Content Creation, a six-week online course from Full Sail DC3. Developed in partnership with content creation education platform Social BlueBook, the class provides practical instruction on everything from growing your social media footprint to monetization to sponsorships.

Social BlueBook has worked with companies like Motorola, Party City, and Daily Harvest. Throughout this course, Social BlueBook’s Sam Michie (Co-founder, COO) and Tiffany Day (Creator Coach), will offer insight to help new creators shorten the learning curve of launching their creator business.

In The Business of Content Creation, students will learn how to find their content niche and target audience, how to come up with fresh content ideas, and how to select the best social platform for their goals. They’ll also discover content planning and production techniques, learn how to find and build online communities, and understand the inner workings of sponsorships and monetization.

“This course doesn’t just share how to get more followers, but really how to leverage the power of social media so that students can create an online community that they’re proud of, along with understanding what it takes to turn this into a professional career,” Tiffany says.

The Business of Content Creation starts monthly at Full Sail DC3. Find out more here.

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