On a bright, sunny campus beneath the Full Sail Studios archway, a group of students with backpacks laugh and walk together.

About Full Sail University

Education for the Real World

For over 40 years, Full Sail University has offered unique education opportunities for people who dream big. Full Sail students are artists, creators, storytellers, and lifelong learners who find their people in our community.

Our campus in Winter Park, Florida, is designed for a fully hands-on education with labs featuring the latest technology, a film backlot and multiple soundstages, recording and art studios, live venues, and the largest collegiate esports venue in the country.

Our online degree programs are designed around collaborative, real-time instruction. For over 12 years, we’ve shaped our custom online learning platform for an engaging, creative education experience.

In the Full Sail Live Venue, a student works the production controls.

Learning at Full Sail is Different

We’re not like your typical university.

A student wearing a DREAM shirt holds a graduation cap with the Full Sail logo and the words the best is yet to come painted on the top.

Graduate in About Half the Time

Degrees at Full Sail are accelerated, allowing you to graduate in about half the time of a traditional degree.

A student lays on the floor with a laptop and some coffee while writing notes in a notebook.

Designed in a Specific Order

Courses are designed in a specific order, so you, your instructors, and your classmates are aligned on your educational journey.

Students operate a camera on a dolly track while shooting an outdoor scene in the Full Sail Backlot.

Fast-Paced, 24/7 Nature

Programs contain more credit hours per month so you can finish faster and get used to the fast-paced, 24/7 nature of your industry.

Degrees Programs at Full Sail University

We offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees from a variety of disciplines, including: